Sowar sp. z o.o.
ul. Ziemniaczana 15,
15-127 Wrocław
+48 71 34 36 523
There is an office and production facility in Wrocław at ul. Ziemniaczana (Krzyki district) total area over 2000 m². The finishing standard allows it to be classified as B + class object. It is located in a quiet place, away from the hubbub of the street and it ensures excellent conditions to work. At the same time, the facility has the advantages necessary to run business activities in Wrocław, thanks to very good communication with any point in the city due to the nearby ring road. There is a bus terminus 114 near the building from Dominikański Square which allows employees to get to work at any time. The nearby Brochów train station provides access to this building from outside Wrocław. An undoubted advantage of this location is easy access without standing in city traffic jam.