Production and storage space
Manufacturers will find 3 production halls in our complex with an universal layout which can be adopted to the required technologies. Open large spaces allow for easy arrangement and construction of production lines. There are storages next to the halls with easy access to the production spaces enabling the optimization of the logistics processes.
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The hall in building B2
A modern production hall (erected in 2005) with an area of ​​460 m2 located in building B2, meets all health and safety requirements and provides high comfort of work. At present there are four production lines with stations for manual work and belt conveyors between stations. The stations are well lit with natural light through the roof skylights and h energy-saving LED lamps. The floor is covered with a conductive PVC floor lining for removing ESD electrostatic charges, making the hall ideal for the production of electronic devices and other products that require ESD protection. A computer-controlled ventilation system with a capacity of 10,000 m3/h. with dust filters, heat recovery, air conditioning and heater guarantees the supply of high quality air at the right temperature. There are all the installations, necessary for the production processes above the raster suspended ceiling: three phase wiring system, ducts for compressed and dried air, air extractors and blowers from ventilation, ethernet and internet networks, wifi and landline phones. Along the hall there are offices for production supervisors who have direct eye contact with production hall. The total area of the offices is ​​over 85 m2. The storage for maintenance of the production processes has an area of ​​200 m2 and is equipped with three entrances for optimal logistic support of the production and an external loading ramp for external freight.
The halls in building B3
The hall for heavy works, with direct access from the outside through a wide gate. It is equipped with a three-phase wiring system, a technological dust vacuum cleaner, compressed air installation, noise suppression panels, a radiator and a heater for stabilization of technological processes, e.g. plastic injection. The hall is equipped with the basic machines for mechanical machining: a cut-off machine, presses with different sizes, saws, milling machines, drilling machine, lathe, grinder as well as two modern, computer-controlled injection moulding for plastic.
The hall in building B1
The hall, located on the second floor of the main building has the area of ​​over 100 m2 and it is ideal for light production. It is equipped with three- phase wiring system, supply and exhaust ventilation, compressed air system, ethernet,, internet, wi-fi. Material to this hall is delivered from the ground floor ramp by a goods lift.
Welfare facilities for employees: cloakrooms, dining room, bathroom with toilet are located on the ground floor of the B1 building, next to the B2/A hall.